What is a Scoutmaster’s Minute

The history and purpose of the Scoutmaster’s Minute.

The Scoutmaster’s Minute is a critical part of the education of young men. It teaches the application of the values and ideals of scouting in everyday life. It is a time for an adult who is respected by the scouts to give an interesting story, tale, or point-to-ponder that a Scout can identify with and internalize. Therefore it must be short enough to keep the attention of the troop. Some of the best Scoutmaster Minutes are brief stories from everyday life about how the Scout Oath and Scout Law were applied or failed to be applied by the Scoutmaster. I take personal pride in the few minutes I take the attention of the scouts at the end of a meeting or campfire for a Scoutmaster Minute. I strive to deliver a powerful, interesting, and easy to understand message every time. On ScoutmasterMinute.org you will find a wealth of information covering:

  • How to find Scoutmaster’s Minute topics every day
  • How to deliver the topic for the best effect
  • How to get and keep the attention of the scouts
  • When to deliver these glimmers of wisdom
  • Many, many tried and proven topics

Spend some time on the website exploring what we have to offer. Hopefully you will find this website to be a resource for your unit or organization. I also invite you to be active by commenting and submitting your Scoutmaster’s Minute stories for us to include on the website for others to see.



Image: Ted Eytan


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