The Challenge of a Scoutmaster

Scouts come from many backgrounds, beliefs, and family situations. Scouts deal with a large amount of diversity, challenge, aggression, passion, and change. Scouts are young men and young men look around them for people to emulate, good or bad. — Scoutmaster Kelly

As a Scoutmaster I am, for many scouts, the most important example in the Troop. My behavior is watched closely. My words are heard, if not always followed. My ideas and thoughts are considered.

My challenge as a Scoutmaster is to constantly represent the values of Scouting so that when scouts consider, hear, or see me, they are looking at the very sort of man Scouting wants them to be. I am not perfect and it is important that the scouts in the troop know this and learn how I deal with defeat, weakness, and poor decisions because they will face these same situations their entire lives.

My job as a Scoutmaster is to mentor, teach, guide, coach, evangelize, discuss, and promote the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Outdoor Code in such a way that Scouts learn how to apply these values to their own lives.

Sometimes this means a scout must be told that they have not yet achieved something they have worked for. Sometimes this means a scout is to be celebrated and raised up in front of the troop. Sometimes this means that I put myself aside to do what Scouting wants taught. Sometimes this means that I am vulnerable in front of Scouts so that they learn what it is like to be a man.

The merit of a Scoutmaster is measured by the men he helps create.

When you consider your next Scoutmaster’s Minute. Consider that the parents of these young men have chosen you as the Scoutmaster for their sons. Take the opportunity to teach them and take the time to make it worth it.

YIS, SM Kelly


Image: Richard Szwejkowski

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