Forgotten Phone

A story about being helpful even when it is inconvenient.

I was riding the bus home the other day. The bus was full with some people standing and all the seats full. Mostly the riders were business people, well dressed, and using their smartphones. We came to a stop and the driver opened the doors to let some riders off. A lady sitting next to a window started navigating her way to the aisle and then around some folks that were standing to get to the door. She finally reached the rear door and went down the steps to the sidewalk. Just as she exited the bus the man that was sitting next to her realized that her phone was sitting on her seat, forgotten. He immediately grabbed the phone, started yelling for her to return, and he started making his way to the rear door. “Maam” he yelled. “Maam” someone yelled toward her from right near the door. The woman did not hear the yells coming from the bus. The man continued for the door and just as he reached the sidewalk the doors of the bus closed and the driver took us away to the next stop, several blocks away.

Sometimes a daily good turn is very inconvenient. That was not the stop where the man wanted to get off the bus and another bus would not come for 15 minutes or so. Sometimes doing a daily good turn takes bravery, for the man did not know if the bus would wait for him or not.

I was not the man who saw the phone, and yelled for the woman, and followed her to return it. I do hope that if I am ever that man, that I take the opportunity to do my daily good turn, to be helpful, to be brave, and to take the inconvenience to do the right thing.



Image: MTA of New York

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