What Batman Taught Me About Spartans

Yesterday was the Spartan Super in Seattle. A 9 mile obstacle course race through water, mud, heavy loads, mental challenge, walls, hills, barbed wire, and fire. I waited 6 whole months to get to this event but don’t get me wrong… my “waiting” isn’t anything like the “waiting” we’ve been taught. My waiting was hard. It involved sweat, blood, tears, pain, injury, focus over food, personal investment, and time away from my family. My waiting was not an inactive time, my waiting was a suited up, on the move, making forward progress kind of waiting.

You see, at the end of last year I decided that I am an Obstacle Course Athlete. Someone with a title like that doesn’t just do one event per year, like I had done, for the previous two years. They don’t just train in the spring and summer. They don’t just get the gear on one time in 365. An Obstacle Course Athlete is an athlete all year round. An Obstacle Course Athlete does it when it is wet and cold, hot and dehydrating, and when they didn’t want to get up in the morning. An Obstacle Course Athlete does it when they are fresh, whey they are tired, when their muscles are cramped and the saliva has dried to their lips because they lost focus but they’re working to recover. An Obstacle Course Athlete trains when no one else trains because it is not who you are in the light that matters, it is who you are in the dark, when no one is looking.

In “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman battles Bane in his underground  fortress in an epic hand to hand fight. Part way through the fight Batman shoots out the lights to get the advantage. Bane laughs at Batman “HA, HA, HA, HA” and tells batman that he isn’t afraid of the dark because he was born in the dark, molded in the dark, shaped by the dark. An Obstacle Course Athlete isn’t afraid of the course because they’ve been through harder, longer, colder, hotter, and more difficult while they were practicing. You don’t become an Athlete when you show up to compete. You become an Athlete when you put in the time to train and prepare and control your diet and remain diligent and correct when you get injured or make mistakes and you GET BACK UP after you fail. Being an Athlete means that you put in way more time training in the dark than you ever do competing in the light.

The Spartan Super was awesome. I had fun. My time was great. It felt really good to be on the course. I got crampy at the end, something I have to get figured out for the next one. It felt like all that time “waiting” was worth it.

Want to get in on this kind of success? You have to choose your title, then decide what it means to represent that title, then go do it. I’ve trained people to reach their goals and dreams. To reach business goals, fitness goals, personal goals. Send me a message, I can help you meet yours.

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