The Secret To Working Faster

All through school and at home and in college I was taught that multitasking and diversifying were the key to success. In corporate america I was taught the same… be good at a lot of stuff and you will have job security. I lived the multitasking and jack-of-all trades philosophy and I even have a Sunday-comic cutout on my refrigerator that says “My goal in life is to be overqualified for any work”. Well, I was wrong, but I didn’t know it until just recently.

I decided to make the switch from corporate america to entrepreneur in 2015 and I followed that great Multi-talent approach as I started out. I purchased multiple websites in the employment niche, not all doing the same thing or in the same area, or focused on the same demographic. Sure, I thought I knew about running them because I knew a lot about websites, I’m really intelligent, I learn quickly, and I know all about finding and hiring people (I’ve hired over 100).

That wasn’t the case. I didn’t know a whole lot, and how that group of websites doesn’t perform as well as I’d hoped and planned. Why?

Well because along the way I also bought a website all about Laser Levels. And another about Standing Desks. And another about Air Fryers. Some are eCommerce stores. Others are information. Others are coaching focused. Oh, and I started a weekly coaching call for other people in corporate america. And I started going to the city council meetings. And…

You get the idea.

I spread myself so thin that there wasn’t enough time in the week to make significant progress on anything. So, what did I do? I scaled up.

I hired contractors to take on different parts of my business and life to free me from the work that others could easily do. How did that work out? Well, it went okay, but the problem was that I was still always context switching. Then I experienced a tragedy for my business… I was banned from the Amazon Affiliate program. Wiping out many thousands of dollars of revenue each month and eliminating the earnings on about 7 websites in my portfolio.

Okay… Houston, I have a problem.

One of the things I learned from all this is that what you’re hearing from other Entrepreneurs… that you should focus on just one thing… well, they learned that the hard way just like me. They’re not saying that to hold you back. They’re saying that so that you can pour your whole self in to a life’s work sort of result. It doesn’t mean you’re locked in for life. It just means that when you look at where you spend your time, the number of different things is really under control (meaning small).

For my business that means that I have a very clear focus here in Q1-2017. Here’s the list in order, and this is just on the business side, my real list has personal and business combined:

  1. Grow as an eCommerce store
  2. Launch as an eCommerce store
  3. Launch Virtual Reality portfolio (this is a group of eCommerce sites)
  4. Maintain employment portfolio, preparing for sale
  5. Maintain, preparing for sale

Notice the focus on eCommerce?

There is so much more I want to do than this but at this point NotSitting really deserves my attention. As that grows and the revenue starts moving to where I want it to be I’ll get more help with it and move my personal focus to one other item. And, that is how AssetLab will grow. One focus at a time. And as I master that area I’ll bring someone in to follow the processes I’ve learned and continue the growth while I move to the next area.

Want to find out where your time is going? I spent about 3 months last year tracking my time to find out… I used Toggl (not a paid advertisement, I really did).