After a 13 year career in Corporate America I was ready to take what I was passionate about and turn it in to something far bigger. Here are the ventures I’m currently involved with.


AssetLab Inc

AssetLab Inc, an investment company that starts, buys, operates, and sells internet businesses and brands.
JeffreyKelly.info Career oriented individual coaching and organizational training.
NotSitting A retailer bringing you standing, adjustable, and movement oriented products for your work space and office
MyFirstPaycheck A teen coaching website that helps teens start micro-businesses and find jobs

F100 LLC

F100 LLC, an investment company focused on a buy and hold internetĀ investing.
MysteryPotato A business that sends gag gifts to friends, family, celebrities, and politicians… We put your personalized, customized, and anonymous message on a potato
ElmaContainerCabin.com A vacation rental outside of Seattle, Washington build from two shipping containers and located way out in the woods. All the comfort of a city flat with all the privacy of the forest.