How To Be An Entrepreneur At Work

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Entrepreneurs are known for a mindset, skill set, and drive that few have in our society. They run businesses, they hire, fire, and raise money from investors. They come up with great ideas and find a way to market them. Sometimes they even make it big and become a household name or have their company acquired for big bucks.

Did you know that you can be an entrepreneur in your corporate america job, right now!

Elon Musk At Work

Elon Musk At Work

Being an entrepreneur is all about seeing the gaps and finding a way to fill them.

  • Maybe you’re in customer service and customers just keep calling with a specific problem.
  • Maybe you’re a developer and you see a shared piece of code or library that would save everyone a ton of time
  • Maybe you’re a manager and you can see that if you’re team could just provide service a couple more hours per day you would free up tons of productivity on other teams
  • Maybe you’re a project manager and you can see that a specific project would be much better managed with a non-traditional method
  • Maybe you’re a program manager at an eCommerce company and you notice that accessibility is a gap on the website

These are all real examples of situations I saw people in corporate america step up in to, becoming an entrepreneur at work. Being an entrepreneur takes just three ingredients that most people already have, they just don’t show very often:

  1. The ability to see a gap
  2. The drive to self-declare that they are going to lead the charge
  3. The ability to improvise their way to the goal

That is it!

Jeff Bezos At Work

Jeff Bezos At Work

So, if you can see a gap at work right now and if you can just decide that you’re going to lead the effort to fill the gap and you’re willing to just keep trying and keep trying to get it done, eventually you’ll reach your goal.

Now let’s talk about what being an entrepreneur at work can do for you. Entrepreneurs are leaders. They are showing leadership. If they reach their goal they are often showing that they can lead across teams and departments. They are showing they can see what is good for the company. They are showing creativity in coming up with a solution. They are showing tenacity when they are working to get time from busy peers. They are showing some sales when they talk to others about the coming benefit and work to convince managers to provide time from their teams.

Being an entrepreneur at work is explosive for your career potential.

You’ll be noticed by your management chain and probably several others around you. You’ll be building your network at work. You’ll be increasing your value to the company every time you deliver on a gap that saves the company money or makes it more money. You’ll become more confident in your capability as a leader.

Not everyone has the desire to be an entrepreneur at work. If you do: don’t hesitate to use it.


Here’s a simple worksheet to help you identify gaps and opportunities at work and to get started putting together an informal team to go after them.