Hard is not hard when it is normal

Wow, this is a powerful message this week: hard is not hard when its normal. I’m excited about this message. When you start something and keep doing it at every single opportunity, every single week, every single play, every single day you adjust to it. Your body and mind get used to it. What was hard when you started becomes easy when you show consistency. Challenging becomes typical.

So it’s near Thanksgiving right now and it is cold for the Seattle area. Over the last week we started in the high forties and now we’re down in the twenties. As you know, I have been a runner since the summer. Well, I’ve run for a lot longer than that but I would always talk about how much I hated running. This summer that all changed and since around July I’ve been running the same route consistently every week. That consistency built something inside me that I never saw coming.

When it is summer it is easy to be outside enjoying the weather. It’s warm. There are some nice sunny days. People are happy and cheerful and you’re not the only one out there working out. When the fall comes you start to lose some people. The people that are just in it when the weather is nice and the seas are calm and everything is easy. Those people are the first to go.

Then the winter comes and its rainy and windy and cold. This is when you find out who can take what. This is when you can see who is dedicated and who is only doing it when its convenient. This is when you see who is in it mentally. This year, for me, I’m running all year.

This morning, when I woke up, I went straight for the thermometer to find out the temperature. See, running is now something that is between me and me and I challenge myself to run. I challenge myself to hit a good time. I challenge me to overcome whatever it is that I am up against to get that run in. I challenge me to beat me. I don’t know how far I can go yet because I haven’t reached my limit. So I get up in the morning to find out what I have to rise up to today. Today it is 26 degrees!

I don’t know what you’re thinking right now but I was thinking it is COLD outside!

So, I gathered my gear. I started listing to my ET mix tapes. I spent some time with my family until the sun started to put enough light down on the world for me to see. Then it was time to get to it.

I beat 26 degrees… what can you beat?

I’m talking a lot about running right now but what I really want you to see is a lesson about life. When you decide that you are going to commit to do something and you start doing that thing, wherever you are, you have 80% of what you need. If you really want to get to the next level you have to take that decision one step further and challenge yourself to become better! Maybe your focused on your career. Maybe it is your marriage or your family. Maybe you are learning a new language or a new skill or your working on your school work. Maybe you want to improve your art or your craft. Maybe you want to change the values you use to make decisions. My point is that it could be anything you want to apply yourself to. You can change. You can make things that seem hard or impossible today possible if you decide and if you commit to pushing yourself every single time you do it.