Why You Don’t Deserve A Raise

Let’s take a minute and talk about your compensation. I know that some of you are looking for that raise this year. I know that you’ve been putting in the hours. I know that you’ve taken on the stress. But there is something you need to understand.

Hours working does not equate to hours improving ~ Jeffrey Kelly

If you want to get a raise it means you want your boss to look at the work you have done this year and see that you are doing something more. It needs to be incredibly clear that what you’re providing, what you are doing, the way you are working, the relationships you have, the trust that can be placed in you… that it is all on another level.

You see, a raise means that you are literally contributing something better. That your performance is better. That for every hour you work you are providing more value to your boss, to your department, and to your company.

If you want that raise you have to crash through that glass ceiling that is your level of performance. ~ Jeffrey Kelly

I hear you when you say that you’ve been putting in the hours. I hear you when you say you’re pulling 50, 60, 70 hour work weeks. I hear you when you talk about all the things you have completed this year. But are you worth more? How much time did you spend learning from your failures? How much time did you spend improving your craft? How much time did you spend studying? How much time did you spend practicing?

People think that the all time great Michael Jordan was an amazing basketball player because he was given some sort of gift for basketball. Do you realize that Jordan was the first to practice and the last to leave? Do you realize how much time Jordan dedicated to practicing at the free throw line? Do you realize how many drills he ran in anticipation of the next game? Do you realize how much time he spent improving his contribution.

Just look at his stats! He won championships and then the next year his stats were EVEN BETTER!

So, you think you deserve a raise. Now I should be able to look at what you did this year, at the value of what you produced, and the way you contributed to the team and the company, and it should be completely obvious that what you brought this year was on another level.

If you think you have a raise coming you need to be able to show, without a doubt, that you earned it! ~Jeffrey Kelly

If you want to crush that glass ceiling here is what you need to do:

  1. Take a look at yourself, at what you are producing, at the contribution you are giving. Be honest. What are you failing at? What do you need to improve? I don’t want to hear about anyone else, they’re not the reason you win or lose. Self assess. What do you need to be to break that glass?
  2. Figure out what you need to do to practice your craft. You just listed what you need to do to break the glass… so, what are you going to do. Working harder isn’t the answer. Practice, learning, training, applying, they are the answer. Write a list of the three specific things you are going to do and when you’re going to do them.
  3. Now, get to work! Don’t be talking about it. Don’t forget it. Don’t get distracted by your day-job. Get to work! If you need to get up earlier then get up earlier. If you need to stop watching so much TV, then make the adjustment. If you need to turn off your phone so that you can focus, then do it. Get to work.

So, there is one month left in the year. If you’re just getting started you need to be realistic and set your horizon at next year. If you’ve already got momentum though, if you’ve EARNED that raise this year it is time to wrap that baby in some nice paper and put a bow on it. Don’t slow down. Keep charging through the end of the year. Make sure you take the time in your 1/1 near the end of the year to clearly describe how you brought it this year at a whole new level. You should be able to describe exactly what you delivered at the next level. You should be able to back it up. You should be able to ask your peers for evidence.

If you want to prep for that conversation, let me know. I’ve been the one doing the telling and I’ve been the one doing the listening countless times. I’m hear for you, just ask.