Change And Opportunity

Sometimes a lot of change happens all at once. You know what this means if you’ve been informed by your employer that your position has been eliminated. You know about this if your business has closed down. You know about this if something you worked years to build and run was suddenly shut down.

When change happens all at once I have a go-to mantra that helps me get to a place where I can move forward… it was a gift from my Father and is etched in to the stairs in my Grandmother’s house after some hard times.

Be Strong. Be Calm. Be Thankful.
~Bob Kelly

My father worked for Boeing for a lot of years and many came to know him as he grew as a leader, adapted to changes at the company: layoffs, downsizing, program cancellations, and the boom cycles. As a leader and a person, when big changes happened, this was his go-to space. He would navigate himself, his team, his friends, or us, his family to this space so that we could think about what had happened calmly and where this all goes from here.

Be Calm

Be Strong

Be Thankful

Our words influence our thoughts. Our words are why when we speak something to ourselves, out loud, it has a greater impact than when we just think it. It’s why when we say something to ourselves over and over again it starts to become our reality. It’s why when we visualize something for months or years it tends to become possible and become reality.

When you can get to a place with a major change that you are past the surprise and past the fear, then you can look forward. Forward to the next step, and the next trail, and the next destination. This is when you can take time to pause and decide what is next, and then start working for it.

The way you move defines the way you feel ~Tony Robbins

As I experience major change like failure in a job, or the passing of a close friend or family member, or the life challenge of someone close to me. I go back to my Father and to those stairs so that I can find the space to move forward. Then I start moving.

As you come through your change to the other side, as you change your destination, as you start moving again… this will all just be your history. Take the opportunity to think about where you are going. You might find this is the perfect time to change the destination.