I am Jeffrey Kelly, a principal engineer at Expedia, an entrepreneur, athlete, and business coach. I am the co-founder and CEO of AssetLab which operates an awesome set of internet businesses and websites in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship, the environment, and leadership development. I am also the co-founder and CEO of F100 an eCommerce company known for online businesses like the mail a potato site MysteryPotato.com.

What I do

My life goal is to be successful in each area of my life:

  • Business – As an entrepreneur, investor, and coach
  • Family – As a father, son, brother, and husband
  • Community – As a leader in my community
  • Self – As a human seeking happiness

In business I led a successful 10 year corporate career at some of the worlds most known technology companies including Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, and Accenture. Today I am a an internet investor, serial entrepreneur, and savvy in developing and growing small businesses.

As a family man I am committed to a positive, happy, and safe environment for my family. Being part of a loving family is immensely rewarding and my success is measured in something much more valuable than money. I celebrated my ten year anniversary to Jessica Kelly in 2015.

In my community I am a leader. In 2014 my wife and I started our local neighborhood association with the goal of meeting neighbors, helping neighbors, and providing for the needs of the community.

My personal wellness is the foundation of everything I can provide in the other areas of my life. I am an athlete. I am computer nerd. I like science fiction. I like spy movies. I play board games. I am not afraid of the dentist but I need to floss more often. Taking time to know who I am and to take care of my person is critical to my success.

No matter where you are in life, family, or business I want to connect with you. Check me out on social media and feel free to send me a message.




Jeff has the ability to create a technical vision and quickly put it into execution mode.

Nikki Smidt nikki smidt

He is not only a loyal and innovative leader but also an inspiring person to work with. He is a well educated, result driven, and open minded.

Prashanth Koppula prashanth koppula

Jeff has a very friendly and open leadership style that makes it easy to work with his team and get things done.

Shannon Sprock shannon sprok

Jeff is able to see the big picture as well as dive deep into the details. He has an unusual aptitude to quickly master his domain and retain information.

Tad Buhman tad buhman

Jeff supports my ideas and always challenges me to think big and to be more productive. I recommend Jeff for anyone that wants to solve business, processes and technology problems, or increase team productivity.

Daniel Gonzalez daniel gonzalez

Jeff’s leadership was key in providing service excellence to our customers. His persistence, technical acumen, and the way he provides information and guidance is highly valued.

Jeanie Zheng

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